Roof & Tile Repairs

At Weatherguard Roofing, we are able to carry out all repair work & have many years of experience. Our team have spent many years repairing roofs. We have seen every variation of damage you may encounter and have the expertise as well as the right manpower to help you. We are proud of our work & reputation for High Quality workmanship. We have been servicing the local community for over 30 years.

Give us a call & get some FREE Advice.

It’s very frustrating to notice broken & missing tiles.We also realise that this leads to water leaks and damage after rain. This is particularly noticeable in the event of a heavy storm.

At Weatherguard Roofing, it is one of our core services and often, we can fix them in a very short timeframe. Our repairs are fast, and very cost-effective. The number 1 priority is to fix the repair so that no water is leaking into the house.

NEVER attempt to repair it yourself – this is very dangerous, requires special safety equipment and you will be putting yourself at risk. Please, always call the experts and we will gladly advise for free.

We can conduct a thorough roof survey to identify if any other tiles are at risk of falling off or being damaged at a future time.

Water damage may lead to far greater consequences. It could even lead to problems with the electrics on the property and perhaps the walls themselves and so as you can see, the consequences can be severe.